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Phones are a constant presence in our life, so it was only a matter of time until they made their way from your pocket to the bedroom. We’ve compiled a list of 4 of the most exciting apps (and 1 online service!) changing how you approach your sexual health.

  1. Let Them Know

Let Them Know is an online service to anonymously notify former or current partners that they should get an STD check. If you get bad news from your latest STD check, you’re already having a rough day- Let Them Know helps you skip the awkward conversations with sexual partners.

All you need to do is enter their contact details and voila! Let Them Know does the rest, sending a message on your behalf (completely anonymously) advising them that they may have been exposed to an STD and should get checked. Its that easy!

2. Natural Cycles

The Natural Cycles app was recently approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), marking the first time the FDA has given an app the tick of approval as a contraceptive method.

When you ovulate, you experience a small increase in body temperature. Natural Cycles tracks this information using a basal thermometer, in combination with menstrual cycle information, to indicate your most and least fertile days- Indicating when ovulation is not taking place, meaning contraception is not required, and when ovulation is taking place and contraception should be used as needed.

Users should be wary, however. While clinical trials showed comparable results to the pill and IUD, there have been reports of unwanted pregnancies from users of the app, and it is not recommended for use by those who are especially averse to pregnancy.

3. Clue

If you experience periods, you know how its unexpected arrival can ruin your day (and your favourite outfit). Clue has over 10 million active users around the world, making it one of the most popular of the (many) period tracker apps on the market. It’s also one of the more inclusive apps on the market and has sex ed built in, for easy and informative explanations on the go!

It asks you to log the dates of your periods, and over time can predict more and more accurately when you should expect your next period. You also have options to track many other data points, such as sex drive and period pain, and you can even share your data with partners and friends!

4. Glow

Glow is an app intended primarily to assist with fertility issues. As of just 2014, Glow was already claiming credit for 25 000 pregnancies. Glow works very similarly to Clue and Natural Cycles, by tracking your menstrual cycle.

Since Glow is primarily intended to help people conceive, however, it also assesses things like thickness of cervical mucous (a fun process to help you find your most fertile days!). It also offers options such as notifications for prime ovulation days, allows tracking of male and female health and fertility data, and offers support for people undergoing fertility treatments such as IVF.

5. My Sex Doctor

Whether you’re looking to conceive, desperate not to, or not even concerned with fertility or conception, My Sex Doctor has something to offer almost everyone.

My Sex Doctor is sex ed built into your phone, without the giggling classroom and exasperated high school teacher.

It offers a ‘sex dictionary’, covering topics of consent, puberty, relationships, and pretty much every topic relating to sex. All available at your fingertips, to be explored at your own pace, comfort level, and needs.

It’s also perfect for people of all ages, with different versions of the app for teens (12–17) and adults (17+) so it’s great a great suggestion for the younger, exploring minds in your life as well!

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