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While travelling to Chicago to launch our product preview, we awarded a prize as part of the Health Venture Fair, a satellite event to the World Hospital Congress in October 2015. Many, many health start-ups at many stages of maturity pitched their idea to investors from all over the country.

Our favorite was Innoblative’s RFA device, a handheld device that applies a shallow Radio-Frequency Ablation directly into the site of a lumpectomy. Intended to be used after surgery the device can kill off cancers that were missed during surgery. The device is a great example of form meeting function, well designed and simple with a clear contribution and obvious positive effect to those with breast cancer.

It, along with many other health innovations are being tracked in real time on Health Horizon. The profile for Innoblative can be found here, along with its timeline and pointers to further information. With health Horizon you can follow innoblative’s device and get notifications as it progresses in its journey to improving our lives.

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