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Terrible pun aside, the world celebrated Brain Awareness Week last March 13–19. Brain Awareness Week is a global campaign to increase public awareness on the progress and benefits of brain research. Scroll down to learn more about three particularly memorable brain health innovations from all around the world.

Imagine brain surgery with no scars…or scalpels! Exablate Neuro by Insightec is the world’s first non-invasive treatment for brain conditions like essential tremor. It has just received FDA approval, follow its progress on Health Horizon here.


Life after brain trauma: NeuroNode by Control Bionics empowers traumatic brain injury patients to communicate, play online games, and even surf the net using a wearable device. NeuroNode also deepens relationships between patients and their families, as seen in this heartwarming video. Want to know more about NeuroNode? Track its updates on Health Horizon here.

Ever fantasized about using the Force or having telekinetic powers? The award-winning EMOTIV’s Epoc+ headset is as close as you’re going to get. Although Epoc+ can be applied in brain research, it can also be used to control video game avatars and even cars! Find out more about Epoc+ on Health Horizon here.

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