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At Health Horizon we aim to support all health innovators. Our web platform provides a place for any innovator to showcase their successes directly, but we realised we had more to offer.

Now we are using our database to map the health innovation network in Sydney, identifying key players such as Cicada Innovation and the Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program. We have discovered over 20 different institutions, programs, networks and funding bodies that are all working towards fostering and advancing health innovations in Sydney and the world. We are sure that there are many more organisations playing a role in this space, if you have any suggestions please let us know via email at

With the support of this strong network, health innovations in Sydney will continue to grow and succeed. You can keep track of a curated set of Sydney health innovation is our Innovations in Sydney channel, this is a small subsection of 40 plus innovations currently in development across the city.

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