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“We often get glimpses of incredible advances in health on the news, but too often never hear about them again,” - Marcus Dawe, CEO of Health Horizon.

Health Innovations across Australia.
Health Innovations across Australia

“KABOOM!” “Sploosh” “Waaa”… (Fireworks sounds).

Who can say they’re tracking over 1000 Health Innovations in Australia? the best damn health innovation company Health Horizon can!

Health Horizons innovation platform has reached a tipping point surpassing one thousand health innovations in Australia!!

Our specialist team of researchers and health innovation monitoring system is constantly scanning public, academic, and industry sources for the emergence and progression of health innovations.

Every year hundreds of participants are adding and notifying us of new innovations; with every new innovation added to the platform, we are getting closer to a full representation of Health Innovation in Australia.

Whilst 1000 is a big number and a great milestone, we are sure there are more, but we need your help to find and add them!

Is your innovation on Health Horizon? Add yourself today
Or let us know of any we have missed.


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