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OpenEyes provides a centralised clinical management system, specifically for Opthalmology. Before OpenEyes joins the Health Horizon Innovation Alley at the World Hospital Congress in October, we spoke to them about the next steps for their exciting innovation.

Lucas Copeland-Business Development Executive, Arpit Arora, Technical Consultant; Isaac Jackson, Technical Consultant

What is your health innovation? What does it aim to do?

OpenEyes Electronic Medical Records for Opthalmology. It aims to provide dramatically better population eye health on a national and global scale.

How is your innovation relevant to hospitals?

OpenEyes allows rapid entry of clinical management, operation notes, diagnosis, and generation of letters and documentation. The centralised clinical management dashboard view shows interventions, medical status, progression analysis, and outcomes.

OpenEyes is currently in use in over 40 hospitals in UK and Australia. It is lightweight and highly scalable (for instance it is used in over 35 thousand cataract operations per year).

What challenges have you come up against in developing your health innovation? What motivated you to keep going?

Integration with existing (often siloed) hospital systems can be a huge challenge.

The clinician support was crucial to shaping the product and we now have integration engines for several major suppliers.

What is one thing the public could do to help your innovation to succeed?

More clinician support and feedback especially from countries that can see where the population health would dramatically improve with the implementation of an EMR

What is the next step for your innovation?

We are looking at expanding the artificial intelligence diagnosis and prediction modules and expanding into other countries, not just ophthalmology but also linking the Ophthalmology practices with the Ophthalmology hospitals

What are the benefits of developing your innovation in Australia?

Australia is home to the Centre for Eye Research (CERA) a true world leader in several fields (Ranked 4th Research institution in the world). CERA has provided fantastic input and shaping of the product.

OpenEyes is one of twelve Australian health innovations being showcased by Health Horizon at the 2018 World Hospital Congress in Brisbane. Find out more about our diverse Innovation Alley cohort here.

Heading to WHC? Be sure to check out the Health Horizon Innovation Alley Stands 65–70. Chat and learn more about our great cohort, search our 1000+ database of Australian innovations, and add your own innovations to our growing global database.

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