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As humanity acts to slow the COVID-19 outbreak, we thought we’d do our part by opening our live channel tracking the cures that are under development around the world.

This is an experiment to explore if our technology can provide a reliable and intuitive tool for professionals and the public to understand what’s being developed in response to the fastest evolving threat to global health in recent history. It’s also an experiment to use crowd-sourced information to improve the quality of tracking, so we invite you to suggest to us innovations you’ve come across that you think should be included in this channel.

What are we looking to track?

  • Potential cures for COVID-19
  • Emerging methods of detecting the disease (diagnostics)
  • Upcoming treatments to improve the survival or experience of patients.

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Current innovations featuring in this channel includes various vaccines in the making, AI technologies and test kits that cut down time and boost accuracy in diagnosing the virus, drug cocktails that could potentially ease symptoms and reusable face masks made with special material to cope with the high global demand for surgical masks.

We welcome any suggestions for health innovations that are directly or indirectly relevant to COVID-19. The outbreak is an unbelievably complex event that requires solutions not only from the biotech/medical front but also the right response from nations, communities and individuals.

So if you’re listening to a podcast or radio, reading an interesting news/magazine article, researching on the topic for work or for self interest and come across an interesting idea about combating COVID-19, spend a minute to share them with us via the “suggest” button on the channel page. Tell us about the innovation you’ve heard of in detail (include links if possible). We will curate the innovation and publish it to the channel.

Other than suggesting innovations, you can also contribute by

  • Exploring the timelines of innovations,
  • Following innovations to be updated on progress via email,
  • Sharing innovations and/or the channel with those interested in the area,
  • Sharing with us ideas to make the most impact of this channel

In the midst of fast-moving daily media reports, we want to cut through the noise and help you make sense of practical solutions that are on the horizon in bringing an end to this global outbreak. With your help we can achieve this. We’d love to hear from you 🙂

Visit the Coronavirus channel here:

Can innovations catch up with the spread of COVID-19?
You may have heard the worrying combination of statistics that cases are doubling every few days and that a cure might be 18 months away. The rate of increase is uncertain: it could reach every corner of the planet in as little as a few months or as long as two or three years. This time horizon can be pushed back with national, community and individual quarantine efforts, improved sanitation and fewer social gatherings.

Barring any surprise breakthroughs or unforeseen changes in the virus, the goal is to slow the spread until a cure can be developed, synthesized and rolled out world wide.

Where to get more information
It’s important to note that we do not evaluate or promote any of the innovations in the channel over any other. Our goal is to simply re-format the news you get. While traditional news gives you random updates and loose ends, we want to keep track and notify you on a cure by cure basis.

We also don’t provide medical advice so it’s best to follow the official sources. Resources are available from the World Health Organization at

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