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Health Horizon, a searchable and trackable database of health innovations, is leading a cohort of twelve local health innovators to the 2018 International Hospital Federation World Hospital Congress in Brisbane this week, providing a platform for Australia health innovators to build worthwhile networks with hundreds of world hospital leaders.

The Health Horizon Innovation Alley will simultaneously break down the barrier between hospitals and innovative technologies and make the global industrial expo more affordable for these smaller companies. The cohort have the opportunity to be seen and supported by influential healthcare professionals, without the excessive cost burden generally associated with exhibiting at conferences.

“Thanks to support from congress organizers Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association we provided each innovator a significant discount on exhibition space,” said Marcus Dawe, Health Horizon CEO. “Developing health innovations is no easy task, every dollar counts and a successful clinical partnership with a hospital can really change the game.”

Delegates will be treated to a broad array of innovations from around the country. Everything from Health Delivered who is changing dietetics space through a data driven meal planner and client management tool to Thrivor, a community building app to support those going through health challenges.

“The World Hospital Congress is a unique event and we’re excited to be a part of it. Health Horizon have done an incredible job of providing Australian start ups with opportunities to showcase their products to a range of leaders around the world,” said Pete Saunders, Health Delivered CEO. “The quality of companies involved in the Innovation Alley speaks to Australia’s well-deserved place in the world innovation ecosystem.”

The innovation alley will also be showcasing more than 1,000 Australian health and medical innovations which Health Horizon is tracking. Health Horizon alongside a 12-member consortium has spent the past 8 months building a world first searchable and trackable database of health innovations with national coverage. The collection was developed as a part of the MTPConnect Project Fund Program to bring this information to professionals and consumers. The project is designed to highlight the work of Australian researchers and innovators while offering the opportunity for collaboration on a national scale.

“Health Horizon continues to showcase Australia’s great innovations in medtech, pharma and digital health and we are happy to support them through the MTPConnect Project Fund Program,” Dr Dan Grant, MTPConnect CEO says. “MTPConnect’s mandate is to champion the MTP sector and Health Horizon’s national showcase brings Australia to the world.”

The Australian Showcase milestone is a culmination of effort from a consortium of national organisations and industry and academic innovation leaders: Medical Technology Association of Australia (MTAA), Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA), Medical Software Industry of Australia (MSIA), ANDHealth, Hospital and Health Services IP Ltd, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia, Queensland University of Technology and University of Newcastle, and Health Horizon. The showcase is open to professionals and the public at

About Health Horizon
Founded by Marcus Dawe and Mathew McGann in 2013, Health Horizon is an online platform for everyone to find, follow, collect and share the world’s health innovations. The Health Horizon mission is to achieve a perfectly health future by improving commercialization journey for health innovators and consumers worldwide. They believe the best way to do this is to improve the transparency of the entire health innovation ecosystem. Health Horizon is based in Canberra located within the E29 co-working space and is seed-funded by the Australian non-profit health commercialisation organisation Hospital IP Ltd.

About Innovation Alley
Innovations being showcase at the Health Horizon Innovation Alley are described below.

Brain Changer
Daily card-based program that empowers people to put into practice the pain science that can help them recover from chronic pain.

Personify Care
Streamline pre-admission and discharge protocols. Tracking patient recovery made easy!

ClinTrial Refer App
An app that allows clinician and patient access to clinical trials, improving trial participation and giving all access to trial treatment options.

Retinal Plenoptoscope
Handheld device combining light field technology and MI to provide automated, precision diagnosis for non-invasive, personalised preventative eye care.

New generation of secure messaging for clinicians, combining direct clinical communication & medical file/image sharing

Med App
Serves as a one-stop access point for all important protocols, guidelines, and contact numbers in the hospital for junior doctors and health staff

Health Delivered
An online platform that enables dietitians to develop personalized meal plans including taste preference, as well as real-time client monitoring.

Uses a virtual reality underwater program to help reduce pain and anxiety for children requiring needle procedures.
Extendable Laparoscopic Quiver

ITL BioMedical — Australia
Durable–adjustable device that securely holds multiple laparoscopic instruments of varying sizes for different medical procedures.

An app that offers a range of tools and support services for individuals experiencing a health crisis.

MCRI Sleep App
Digital intervention for behavioural sleep problems in children.

An advanced opthamology electronic medical record (EMR) system

About MTPConnect
This venture has received funding through the MTPConnect Project Fund Program — a dollar-for-dollar matched program investing in big, bold ideas to improve the productivity, competitiveness and innovative capacity of Australia’s medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. MTPConnect is supported by the Australian Government Industry Growth Centres Initiative — learn more at

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