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Health Innovation impact monitoring company Health Horizon has today announced a new agreement with Callaghan Innovation’s HealthTech Activator (HTA) to better support innovation through real-time discovery, tracking and measurement of the health innovation activity across the country.

This graph shows less than 1% of the ecosystem detected across NZ (right, light green) in a trial scan of the ecosystem. It shows innovations under development (red), their organisations (brown), their clinical trials (green), their event attendances (orange), their scientific backing in journal articles (blue) and other entities in the ecosystem.

The connections branch left to where innovations collaborated with the Australian ecosystem (left, light green).

The agreement between these organisations is a significant development in Health Horizon’s mission to bring their Australian pioneered first-class health innovation tracking system to the world. This contributes to their vision to ensure the right health innovations make it into our lives sooner, by making humanity’s global progress in health more transparent.

“This is our first international nation-wide project, capable of detecting and tracking all emerging health capabilities across New Zealand in real-time. With this unique bird’s-eye view of the ecosystem, we will work closely with HTA to build on the ways this intelligence sheds light on and supports the ecosystem’s impact.” said Dr Mathew McGann, Co-Founder and CEO at The Health Horizon.

Andrew Clews, Head of Health Technology at Callaghan Innovation, said “This collaboration will underpin the commercialisation support work of HTA. It will do this first by helping new capabilities develop across the country, but also, crucially, by measuring and demonstrating that the work we do in the ecosystem is impactful.”

Callaghan Innovation is New Zealand’s innovation agency. The HealthTech Activator (HTA) is a coordinated, ecosystem-wide support mechanism for early-stage founders and companies in NZ’s HealthTech sector. The HTA makes it easier for HealthTech companies to find and access the support they need to turn their health innovations into successful businesses. In doing so, it aims to advance, de-risk and accelerate the commercialisation of innovation in NZ’s HealthTech ecosystem.

This pilot provides HTA the ability to automatically detect and track any health innovation under development in the country in real time. This enables responsive support for the ecosystem and continuous benchmarking to understand and optimise the impact of HealthTech Activator.

To find out more about this Pilot, please connect with the team. Email

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