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To celebrate our recent growth Health Horizon is giving away $20,200 worth of our new products throughout 2020. First up: We are giving away sample competitiveness channels to those of you with a health product or service who need to keep a keener eye on global competition.

Discover new competitors

– Pitch with the confidence of truly knowing your competitive landscape
– Make better decisions informed by the historical journeys of similar solutions
– Be the first to know when competitors get funding, reach new markets, release new features, etc

What you’ll get

An always-online, curated, interactive showcase of your competitors hosted by us complete with timelines of their historical activities. The channel is designed to track these competitors in real time and notify you when any of them make progress. This will be a sample channel with at least 10 competitors that are tracked for a month.
How to enter

Please email with:

A link to your solution’s website (or non-confidential investment brief or product description if you don’t have a website yet), and
A one paragraph description of your competitive space with an emphasis on why it’s such a challenge for you.

We will pick the entries we can help the most.

Entries close 17th January.

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