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This is the agreement that outlines how you may use our website

This page outlines the terms of use for the Health Horizon platform. It dictates what you can do on the site, what we do
to manage the site and how this might affect you.

Health Horizon (“Health Horizon”, “website” or “the platform”) is an online listing of profiles of health innovations
(“innovations”), health innovation professionals (other “users”), organisations (“organisations”) and the relationships
between these three entities. Collectively, this information we refer to as “content” or “information”. The platform is
accessed through the URL The platform is owned by the
company Health-Innovate Pty Limited ACN 168 037 303 (“we”, “us”, and “our” also trading under “Health Horizon”).

By accessing the website you (“you”) become a “user”, whether or not you create an account with us. There are two types
of users, those who use it simply to find and track innovations (“consumers”) and those who use it to manage their
health innovations, are linked to health innovations or use the platform for professional purposes (“professionals”).

Your use of the Health Horizon website and any dispute arising out of such use of the Health Horizon website is subject
to the laws of the Australian Capital Territory.

The document is long, to make it easier to read we have summarized the main points. If you have questions about this
terms of use please contact us at

You accept these terms of use just by using this website

By accessing or using the Health Horizon platform you become a “user” and you agree to this Terms of Use agreement.

The only way to reject this terms of use is to cease using and accessing the website and platform altogether.

We can change this agreement at any time. We don’t need to tell you but we will endeavour to. It is your responsibility
to check that your conduct is within these Terms of Use.

In using some services available through (or linked from) the Health Horizon website you may be required to agree to
additional terms and conditions. Such terms and conditions apply together with, or in addition to, these Terms of Use.

We aim to give you accurate information, but can’t guarantee it

We will make reasonable efforts to ensure the content on the website is accurate, but we cannot guarantee that any
information is correct. No representation or warranty (express or implied) is made as to the currency, completeness,
accuracy, reliability, suitability and / or availability of the information on the Health Horizon website. In addition,
no representation or warranty (express or implied) is made that the information will meet your health or medical

Innovations added to Health Horizon are reviewed by us to meet a minimum level of quality. We do not thoroughly check
the accuracy of the information nor the effectiveness of the innovation. If we approve an innovation to be listed on our
platform, it does not mean we endorse it.

Innovations on Health Horizon are not endorsed by us.

Our website attempts to be a simplified and intuitive version of the real health innovation ecosystem. This means it
cannot be completely accurate.

The information of Health Horizon acts like a simplified directory of the health innovation ecosystem in the real world.
Innovations, users, organisations and the relationships between them may not map accurately to the situation in the real

In most cases the situation apparent on Health Horizon will greatly underestimate the complexity of the situation in the
real-world. One example of this can be found in the ownership of innovations. Innovations are “owned” on Health Horizon
by a single organisation but in reality they may have complicated shared ownership arrangements with other organisations
or individuals.

Thus the platform should be seen as a guide and notification system pointing to more reliable information in the form of
external links or contact details of the relevant person. Users should use the external links, other sources or directly
contact the responsible users on Health Horizon to build up accurate information.

The information on Health Horizon should not be the sole basis for any important decisions.

We are a directory. We are not involved in any deals or agreements that may be organised on Health Horizon. Also no
agreements made on Health Horizon are official or binding.

You are free to contact any consenting user on the platform to get more information. Users are consenting to contact if
their settings allow their details to be visible on the website.

We take no equity nor charge a fee, nor limit your ability to make deals in the real word. We are not involved in any
deal you might make after discovering another party on Health Horizon, and are not liable for anything that may happen
as a result of such a deal.

Any offers or proposals made public by users on the platform are non-binding, and may be revoked and cancelled at any
time by the user who makes them.

We have the power to add or remove things that we think are or are not health “innovations” respectively. What
classifies as an innovation can be vague, we will make judgments on a case by case basis, with reference to a set of

Whether a health product or service classifies as an innovation for the purposes of inclusion on Health Horizon will be
determined by Health Horizon along the following lines. The product or service should:

  • Provide or have the potential to provide a significant improvement upon the status quo,
  • Not be commonly available through retail stores or services,
  • Be supported by an organisation who has the intention of commercialising or broadening the product or service’s
    application beyond the basic commerce of increasing sales,
  • Be supported by an organisation who is able to provide, on request of Health Horizon, documentation supporting the
    effectiveness of the product or service from a scientific standpoint or otherwise demonstrable methodology,
  • Be in, or have previously partaken in, a commercialization process.

Users can create organisations whose profiles are publicly visible. You may only do this if you are part of the
organisation and have the authority to represent it.

The account you create is your personal account. To upload innovations you must have an organisation account.

Innovations must be owned by an organisation on our platform.

Individuals who add any content (including but not limited to words, data, images) to Health Horizon while representing an organisation are responsible for the content.

You may not impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, an employee of ours, consumer, professional, member or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;

Assume all content is owned by somebody and is protected by law

All content, including text, graphics, logos, downloads, interfaces, and software is the property of Health Horizon,
its partners or its users and may be protected by copyright, trademarks or other laws. You may not display or use in any
manner any trade marks featured on the Health Horizon website without the prior written permission of the trade mark

One exception is the use of stock images, whose usage rights don’t extend to you as a user.

The contents of our website, excluding those trademarked and protected by law by our partners and our users (e.g.
their logos), are the property of Health Horizon. All intellectual property rights in content on the The healthhorizon
website, including (without limitation) text, graphics, Information architecture and coding (including any copyright
subsisting in them), is owned by The healthhorizon or licensed to us.

You may access and download the material on the The healthhorizon website where available, but may not, subject to a
use for the purposes of private study, research, criticism or review as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth),
modify, publish, transmit, distribute, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any way
exploit, any of the The healthhorizon website’ content in whole or in part without the prior written permission of the
owner of the material.

Health Horizon is a trademark (in some regions still pending) owned by Health-Innovate Pty Ltd. Other logos,
trademarks, or text displayed on the website may be owned by others.

You should assume that all content is owned by somebody.

You can use our logo if it helps us, and we can reference you as a user

Those with Health Horizon accounts may use our logo to advertise their presence on our website. For example, on a
product page for your innovation on you company website you can show our logo and say something like “as seen on Health
Horizon” and link to your profile page. We have plans to provide embeddable buttons to make this easier.

You may use screenshots of our platform, provided that they contain our logo and byline or a clear reference to our

Our Health Innovation Network Partners may use our logo as part of our mutual promotion agreement.

Health Horizon reserves the right to use your name as a reference for marketing or promotional purposes on our website
and in other communications with existing or potential users. For example, we might list your company on one of our
webpages under lists of users or partners. We don’t want to list you if you don’t want to be listed, so send an email to stating that you do not wish to be used as a

We want our information to benefit others so we give a lot of it away for free, but we also need to control access to
data to ensure we remain valuable and relevant.

If we document and give you permission to use an official Health Horizon API, then you can use the data accessible
through it.

If we document and give you permission to use official embeddable content within your website, you can use that too.
An example might be the ability to put an innovation tile on your website or an embeddable search bar with customised
filters for your website.

You do not need to use the share functionality on this website to share Health Horizon links on social media, but you
must reference Health Horizon and include a link to the showcase of any mentioned innovation.

Some uses of our data are prohibited, e.g. scraping, copying and pretending it’s yours and spamming users.

Scraping, data mining or otherwise extracting data in an automated way not using our official APIs is strictly

You may not use our content and pretend it is your own.

You may not use the contact information of any user on the platform for unsolicited marketing, spam or unsolicited

You may not intercept our data or personal information from the website.

As users you can take actions and generate content on our site. Don’t do anything illegal because you are responsible
for what you say and do.

You may not use Health Horizon to transmit any information or materials that violate any applicable laws.

You may not use Health Horizon to impinge on others’ rights. This includes without limitation intellectual property
rights and personal privacy rights.

You may not use Health Horizon to partake in or promote illegal or hateful activities.

You may not put up harmful content (including but not limited to viruses and Trojans).

You are responsible for all your conduct on Health Horizon.

As professionals you put content on Health Horizon, you must only provide relevant and accurate information that you
have the permission to add. You are responsible for this data and you’re responsible for maintaining its accuracy.

You may not use Health Horizon to market a product or service that Health Horizon has deemed not to be an innovation
(refer to our definition of an innovation above)

You may not upload misleading information, or information that misrepresents what your innovation is capable of.

You must ensure your information is true and accurate

You are responsible if problems come about from false information

You must only submit content that that you have permission to submit

If you breach the rules Health Horizon can remove your content and your user and organisation accounts.

Health Horizon is not obliged to police, screen or edit any content on the platform, but reserves the right to do so
without notice or liability.

Health Horizon may at any time restrict a user’s account. Possible reasons include, but are not limited to: a user
being breach of this agreement, an account is discovered to be insecure or has been used inappropriately.

Health Horizon may at any time remove content.

We add innovations that we think professionals and consumers would like to know about, these profiles are identified as
such. You can take ownership of these profiles or ask us to remove them.

Health Horizon’s own research may result in your innovation appearing in the database. This information is always
drawn from an already public source, usually from the internet but sometimes from conference materials or other physical

If you discover an innovation or organisation that you represent to be listed on Health Horizon and you wish for it to
be taken down, you can request this at,
providing evidence of your ownership. We will attempt to verify that you do own this innovation and will temporarily
hide it from view or delete it permanently from the database, whichever you prefer.

Users can add their own content, and while we try to make sure the content is legitimate, we can’t guarantee that.

If claimed, or originally uploaded by a user, then the information about the innovation, user, organisation or
relationship should not be assumed to be reviewed or endorsed by Health Horizon.

Information via the Health Horizon website, including product information on medicines, may have been written by the
relevant pharmaceutical companies or other third parties and such information has not been independently verified by us.

Content uploaded by users may be owned or licensed by these users and may be protected in other ways.

Health Horizon has no responsibility or liability for any activity on the website

We link a lot to external pages, as references and so you can get more accurate information, but we can’t be held
responsible for what might happen if you follow these links

Our site contains links to external websites. Travel to and use of these external websites is at the users risk. In
every case Health Horizon has no liability or control over these websites and what may result from visiting them.

The Health Horizon website contains links to other website. These links are provided for your convenience only.

Health Horizon does not specifically endorse any organisation, association or entity referred to in, or linked to, the
Health Horizon website. Views or recommendations provided in linked website do not necessarily reflect ours and we have
no responsibility for the content of the linked website(s). It is your responsibility to make your own decisions about
the currency, completeness, accuracy, reliability and suitability of information contained in any linked website.

You may link to the Health Horizon website, but permission is restricted to making a link without any alteration of the
relevant Health Horizon contents. Permission is not granted to reproduce, frame or reformat the files, pages, images,
information and materials from this site on any other website unless express prior written permission has been obtained
from us.

You are only permitted to use the Health Horizon website to sell a product or service, or to increase traffic to your
website for commercial reasons, such as advertising sales if you have an agreement in writing with us. We reserve the
right to prevent linking to the the Health Horizon website at any time.

If you put content on Health Horizon, it is public forever

Any information added to Health Horizon is considered to be in the public domain. Be careful with what you upload.

If you change an innovation’s profile, other users may be notified of this.

An important aspect of Health Horizon is that content be shared to social networks and other websites. Be aware that
information you add could possibly be distributed to another website, at any time, by any user.

You may ask Health Horizon to add content for you. If so you must provide information on which to base the profile and
action this amounts to disclosing information into the public sphere. You are responsible for reviewing this and
ensuring it is accurate.

By creating an account, you are allowing us and others to email you with content and notifications. You will have a lot
of control over what comes into your inbox.

By signing up you give us permission to send you important notifications about your account or your use of the site.

By signing up you give us permission to send you updates on the content you follow, content that we think you might be
interested in and other messages from Health Horizon. These communications may be stopped by changing your user
preferences when that function becomes available on the website.

By signing up and following innovations you may opt-in to be contacted by the owners of the innovations you follow.
Cases for this include but are not limited to: notifying you of progress in the innovation and offering involvement in
trials. These communications may be stopped by changing your user preferences when that function becomes available on
the website.

More information is available in the Privacy Policy.

Our privacy policy isn’t in this document

See our Privacy Policy.

Indemnity and liability exclusions

You acknowledge that your use of any information or materials on the Health Horizon website is entirely at your own risk
and that the information may contain inaccuracies or errors.

To the maximum extent permitted by law Health Horizon expressly disclaims all liability for any loss, damage, expense
and costs incurred by you arising out of accessing, downloading, using or relying on any of the information or the
Health Horizon website including, but not limited to, in circumstances where:

  • on the Health Horizon website, information are used for a purpose for which they were not intended;
  • the Health Horizon website contains errors, omissions or inaccuracies;
  • you are unable to obtain consistent, reliable and uninterrupted access to the Health Horizon website;
  • there is damage or interference to your mobile device or any other piece of hardware, software, equipment or device
    installed on or used in connection with your mobile device, or your mobile data that arises in connection to your
    download or use of the content or any linked website;
  • you rely on an interpretation or opinion stated in, or which may be inferred from, the Health Horizon website,
    information; or
  • inaccurate information is available from any website accessed via a link on the Health Horizon website.

The information is provided as is without any representations, warranties or conditions of any kind.

Health Horizon is not under any obligation to verify the identity or authority of any person accessing or using the

Some services available through the Health Horizon website will require your computer, telephone, internet access,
device and associated equipment to meet certain technical levels (System Requirements) in order to receive the services.
We take no responsibility for problems associated with or arising from your inability to access or receive the services
due to your equipment or internet speed not meeting the System Requirements.

Medical indemnity

Information provided via the Health Horizon website or available from the Health Horizon website concerning medicines
and other therapeutic goods is provided for the limited purpose of general information to identify and understand the
benefit of various health technologies that are available now and in the future. and is not intended to be used as
medical advice, diagnosis and treatment and should not be relied on to manage or diagnose a medical condition.

No preferential or special treatment is provided to any medicines or products referred to. We may include additional
information for certain medicines or products that have generated higher interest through activities (clicks, searches)
or subscriptions (channels, personalisation).

You should seek medical advice in relation to medicines and use medicines only as directed by a healthcare professional.
Always read the label. If symptoms persist see your doctor/healthcare professional.

The supply and regulation of medicines differs from country to country. It is your responsibility to ensure the use or
adoption of the innovation/s are legal in your jurisdiction.

To the maximum extent permitted by Law, Health Horizon disclaims all liability (including for negligence) for any loss,
damage or injury resulting from reliance on or use of the information provided via the Health Horizon website.

Security, viruses, errors and availability

The internet is an insecure public network which means there are risks that information sent to or from the Health
Horizon website may be intercepted, corrupted or modified by third parties. In addition, files obtained from or through
the Health Horizon website may contain computer viruses, disabling codes, worms or other devices or defects. You bear
the risks and responsibility for any loss or damage caused, directly or indirectly, by these risks, and Health Horizon
accepts no liability for any interference with, or damage to, your computer system, device, software or data occurring
in connection with the Health Horizon website.

No warranties

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we provide the material on the website and platform as is. That means we don’t
provide warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability
and fitness for a particular purpose.


You agree to indemnify and hold us and our Team harmless from any losses (including attorney fees) that result from any
claims you make that aren’t allowed under these Terms due to a “Limitation of Liability” or other provision. You also
agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any losses (including attorney fees) that result from third-party claims
that you or someone using your password did something that, if true, would violate any of these Terms.

Entire Agreement

This Terms of use and the others on Health Horizon supersede all prior communications between you and Health Horizon.

We want your feedback, but we own whatever ideas you give us

We encourage and are happy to accept suggestions for improvement. If you do send us suggestions for improvement that
grants us a perpetual, royalty free license to exploit the ideas or concepts in the suggestions for any use whatsoever.
We will own any intellectual property rights in or arising from any Feedback.

Any feedback, suggestion or material you may provide (Feedback) will not be treated by us as confidential.

Please report any violations to this terms of use that you observe to us

If you have found violations to this terms of use, please email us at