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Personify Care delivers simplified personalized care and follow up to patients, all through their mobile phone- improving their health outcomes and reducing the workload for their clinical team! Ahead of joining the Health Horizon Innovation Alley at the World Hospital Congress in October, Director of Sales ANZ Rebecca Rodman shared some of Personify Care’s goals.

Rebecca Rodman, Director of Sales ANZ, Personify Care

What is your health innovation? What does it aim to do?

Personify Care was established on the belief that patients deserve the best possible care beyond their hospital stay and just as importantly, clinical teams deserve to spend their time caring for their patients rather than on administrative tasks.

The Personify Care platform enables hospitals to manage their pre-admission and post-discharge protocols so that nursing staff can track outcomes, detect patients at risk, and provide early intervention without manually processing paperwork and making time-consuming phone calls.

How is your innovation relevant to hospitals?

The Personify Care mobile platform allows hospitals to deliver pre-admission and post-discharge protocols using machine learning to predict and optimise for high-patient response rates across any clinical protocol and diverse patient populations. A high patient response rate is key to delivering evidence-based protocols at scale. By keeping clinical teams in control of the clinical protocols we focus on providing an efficient and effective channel to patients in between face-to-face visits.
In the past 12 months, the platform has been used by leading healthcare providers across a range of specialty protocols in Australia to:
• Deliver over 310,000 patient interactions
• Screen over 110,000 clinical risks
• Achieved over 83% patient response rates
• Across a population that includes 42% of patients over the age of 65
In 2017, Personify Care was 1 of 3 companies to be invited by the Innovation Institute at the Texas Medical Center to bring our innovation to the US market as part of the inaugural Bio-Bridge Program.

“What motivates our team is delivering a meaningful outcome for patients and clinicians in a financially sustainable manner.”

What challenges have you come up against in developing your health innovation? What motivated you to keep going?

The challenge has been to deliver a platform that simultaneously:
— Improves patient experience and outcomes
— Saves time for clinical teams
— Reduces costs for healthcare organisation
… and to do so across any clinical specialty / patient population.
The future of healthcare is increasingly dependent on the patient’s journey into the hospital and their recovery post-discharge. What motivates our team is delivering a meaningful outcome for patients and clinicians in a financially sustainable manner. The knowledge for how to improve patient outcomes is well established but these evidence-based protocols don’t reach patients due to a lack of channel to deliver these protocols in an efficient and sustainable manner.
Feedback we get from nurses and clinicians about how it makes their important work easier and examples of how our solution is allowing them to provide early interventions that prevent complications and potential re-admissions … those are signals we are on the right track and the real-life stories that keep us going.

What is one thing the public could do to help your innovation to succeed?

Ask the staff at your hospital or surgical centre to have a look a live demo via:

What is the next step for your innovation?

We have just launched in the US market with a team on the ground there and over the next 12 months looking to work with research partners to quantify the impact we’re having on patient outcomes in a number of specialties in parallel to rolling out our platform to some of the leading private and public groups across Australia and New Zealand.

What are the benefits of developing your innovation in Australia?

Australia has one of the best and most advanced healthcare systems in the world in terms of health outcomes. Demonstrating we’re having an impact here provides significant credibility as we expand internationally. Australia also has some of the best people in the world when it comes to developing technology as well as some of the most competitive government incentives to support R&D and commercialisation of technology with global potential.

Personify Care is one of twelve Australian health innovations being showcased by Health Horizon at the 2018 World Hospital Congress in Brisbane. Find out more about our diverse Innovation Alley cohort here.

Heading to WHC? Be sure to check out the Health Horizon Innovation Alley Stands 65–70. Chat and learn more about our great cohort, search our 1000+ database of Australian innovations, and add your own innovations to our growing global database.

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