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To celebrate Mother’s Day, we here at Health Horizon have prepared a list of five handy health innovations for every mom-entous step of motherhood. Whether you’re trying to conceive or in your second trimester, we’ve got all bases covered.

1. Life Whisperer

With the success of the world’s first “test tube baby” in 1978, in vitro fertilization (IVF) has since become many couples’ best chance for having children. In IVF, the egg and sperm are combined outside the body in a specialized laboratory, after which the fertilized egg is implanted in the woman’s uterus for a higher chance of pregnancy. Easy peasy, right?

Not really. Success rates for IVF are highly variable, and decrease considerably as the woman ages. Although studies show that chances for success are significantly higher after multiple rounds of IVF, few couples have the financial resources required for such an undertaking.

Selecting the right embryo during IVF is critical for success — and with Life Whisperer, you can do precisely that. By using non-invasive deep learning techniques, the Adelaide-based Life Whisperer helps IVF clinics choose the most viable embryos for implantation, leading to higher success rates and lower costs for couples trying to conceive.

2. She Births

Though it resembles a certain Ricky Martin song, She Births has more than just a catchy name. So what exactly is it?

She Births offers a variety of online and offline (if you’re in Australia) courses that tackles active birthing, prenatal yoga, effective partner support and so much more. The program is so effective that a 2016 study of 176 couples following the She Births method revealed that it had resulted in shorter labours, reduced rates of epidurals and C-sections, and almost doubled incidences of natural vaginal birth. No wonder it’s the world’s only scientifically verified childbirth education program.

3. Freemie Liberty

Any new mother will tell you that pumping breast milk isn’t exactly the most glamorous…or subtle experience. After finding a private spot, you need to partially disrobe, hook yourself up to a complicated contraption of tubes and suction cups, and hold the breast pump up so it can, well, pump. And after that, you still need to store the milk, get your clothes back on, wash everything, and then put it all away. If it seems tiring to you, that’s because it actually is.

The Freemie Liberty breast pump can change all that.

Debuting just this year, the Freemie is a hands-free breast pump with a programmable timer that allows mothers to do other things, like get precious sleep. The Freemie cups can also slip unobtrusively beneath bras, allowing mothers to pump anywhere, anytime. Finally, some sweet freedom.

4. Hugsy Pouch

When asked to think of kangaroos, most people conjure up cuddly images of a female kangaroo with a tiny joey in her pouch. It turns out we can actually learn something from them. Babies develop best when then their parents hold them close, ideally skin-to-skin on their bare chests — much like kangaroos. Proponents of “kangaroo care” say that it improves parent-child bonding, promotes brain development, and results in better infant immunity.

However, there will inevitably be times when parents can’t be around. What happens then? Enter Hugsy Pouch, a smart swaddling blanket that replicates the parent’s scent, warmth, and even heartbeat. Hugsy Pouch is essentially your baby’s home away from home.

5. Sprout Pregnancy

One of Time Magazine’s Top 50 Apps of the Year, Sprout Pregnancy is your one-stop shop for all things pregnancy. The app features beautiful visualizations of fetal development along with expert medical advice and helpful tools for every stage of pregnancy. Some tools included in the app include a doctor’s appointment planner, a personalized pregnancy timeline, weight tracker, baby kick counter, and even a contraction timer.

The Sprout journey doesn’t have to end at birth. Sprout also offers another app, known as Baby, which allows parents to track everything about their baby, from developmental milestones, medical records, feeding times, diaper changes and more.

Interested in where these innovations will go next? You can find all these amazing innovations in our Health Horizon Mother’s Day Collection.

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